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Number 1 for a reason

Advantages of Our Products


SMI™ utilizes the towed vehicle's own vacuum assist power brakes in applying the towed vehicle's brakes. DUO utilizes a self-contained electric vacuum pump while Air Force One incorporates a patented vacuum generator to energize the power booster. All the other systems that do not use the power brakes must literally stop with brute force. This simply is not necessary with the SMI™ product line.

Smaller is Better

SMI's exclusive patent pending brake actuator is the smallest in the industry. Smaller is better. The actuator is mounted completely out of site and never needs maintenance. By attaching directly to the firewall there is no possibility of the cable getting caught in a pulley and the floor mat. Because SMI systems are semi-permanent, they require no set up for towing.

Activation Signals

No other system available today utilizes two separate signals to activate the towed vehicle brakes. All others are either surge, brake lights, or inertia-only activation signals. The SMI™ DUO combines both the coach brakes and inertia. This provides an unmatched ability to eliminate undesired activation. "Two signal" activation avoids the need for delay (terrain sensing technology or surge suppressors) found with inertia-only systems. With the SMI™ DUO, you must have sufficient inertia (controlled by you) AND the brakes of the coach applied. Once met, with NO DELAY, the towed vehicle brakes are gently and progressively activated.

G-Force Control

Is more sophistication better? We think not. Since 1996 SMI™ has set the pace for G-Force Control with simple and reliable electronics. More sophistication is not necessary with properly designed systems for each application. In addition, the more sophisticated a product is, the more likely it is that a failure will occur. SMI™ products are simply the most reliable easiest to install and use products available.

Proportionate And Progressive

Stay-IN-Play DUO is a progressive system that automatically applies the correct brake effort. You set the sensitivity once and DUO does the rest. The harder you are stopping the harder the towed vehicle brakes, automatically. Because DUO utilizes the power brakes, a proportionate balance between the coach and the car is built into the DUO. There is no need for a complicated control, just turn it on...and tow.

Air Force One is a 100% true proportionate brake system. AFO is activated from the same air used to apply the coach brakes. This is the only way to get true proportionate braking. All others are progressive. In addition, AFO energizes the towed vehicles power brake system automatically creating the ability to provide a proportionate balance of brake effort between the coach and the towed vehicle. If the car needs to brake 10% of the load, it does. If the car needs to brake 25% it does. Best of all, you do not have to think about it.

Coach Notification

Many of the systems on the market today will notify you at the driver's seat that something happened in the car. Very few, however, get this notification signal directly from the position of the brake pedal on the towed vehicle. SMI™ notifies you when the brake pedal of the car is depressed from the car's factory brake light switch. By using this signal, you know that the towed vehicle brakes are depressed. No other signal is as reliable and solid.

Owner Installation

Many of our customers have helped in developing our simple, step by step process for installing either product. Installation times vary depending on the model you select. The SMI™ product line does not require any permanent modifications to your towed vehicle and no holes are necessary in the floor of your car, as is necessary with many of the competing products. Remember, pedal pressure is only about 10-15 pounds, so wear and tear on your car is eliminated. Competing products can damage the fabric and leather due to the excessive force required to stop a vehicle without power brakes.

Complete Units

Each SMI™ product is shipped complete, including the breakaway system and coach notification of the brakes in the towed vehicle. There are never any extras to buy, it's all included.

Tow Ready

Your SMI is always ready when you are. No set up and no take down. Simple technology and ease of use combine to give you years of trouble free traveling.