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We already offer an industry-leading Limited Five (5) Year Warranty, but SMI CARE enables us to go above and beyond for you and your family as long as you are traveling.

Keeping you safe as you travel this great land.


Customer Satisfaction


"I want to give a big Thumbs Up! to SMI. I recently purchased (9/16) their Air Force One braking system for my ’03 Holiday Rambler and couldn’t be happier in its performance and their support. Because I was concerned about the system’s installation in my 2017 Ford Fusion, I drove to Newburgh, IN, to have the experts do the work. I was completely satisfied in the service and hospitality while we were there. I decided to add the Wireless dash Coachlink that gives me a positive indicator when I apply the brakes or if a problem occurs. In addition I upgraded my Warranty to SMI’s Total Care Warranty. I already used it when my car was in for maintenance and a worker accidentally broke the breakaway switch. I received my free replacement in two days. Great service!"
- George C 12/1/2016

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"Purchased and installed the Stay n Play on a 2015 Canyon last year. Just want to say that as good as the product is, and it's great, the service and hospitality provided by the company is even better. I installed the system myself and had to call the company a couple of times to get some help with a couple of obstacles I ran across. Each time a friendly and knowledgeable tech patiently walked me through it without getting upset and unpleasant with me. I can't recall ever having dealt with a more pleasant and helpful company than SMI. They are super to work with and I appreciate them very much for their love of God and Country. At 78 years of age it becomes more clear each day that this kind of company and its outstanding products and service is an exception rather than the rule."
- Joe Murray

"I am so glad I bought the Air Force 1. It has worked perfectly, and your support has been The Best."
- Gene T, June 2017

"I have had the SMI’s braking system for approximately three years. In that time I've had some inordinate problems. The first one was all the wiring burned up (from an installation issue). I was sent a replacement no questions asked. The second one was while I was on the road with the Nomads, retired people with RVs that go around to nonprofits and provide volunteer labor in exchange for a place to park our RV. I lost the link from my wireless radio to the Delta Force. I stopped at a rest area called SMI and spoke with technician who was very helpful. We diagnosed the problem and I was told they would send me a replacement unit with the upgraded 900 megahertz receiver for the cab. This unit has worked beautifully and one nice part is it doesn't have an antenna. SMI Care program has worked keeping me safe on the road. One of the features I like most about SMI’s breaking system is that it doesn’t use the car seat as backup. It is connected directly to the firewall so you have positive braking. I have been very satisfied with the product and the timely and friendly response from the staff that I have spoken with. Based on my experiences I would highly recommend SMI products to anyone who is looking for a braking system for their towed vehicle"
- Steve Gilland December, 2016

"Shortly after purchasing my RV, I thoroughly researched various auxiliary braking systems. I visited SMI manufacturing, talked to their employees and examined their Stay In Play system. It is very easy to install and (unlike other cumbersome, awkward systems) there is only a small on and off switch in view. The small hydraulic cylinder attaches out of sight near the brake pedal, but is powerful boost from the towed vehicle (in my case, a Jeep Grand Cherokee) to bring the RV to a stop. Unlike some other “dead pedal” systems I researched, this hydraulic system allows the brake in the towed vehicle to behave as though it is running. The Stay n Play DUO system is adjustable to allow you to control the amount of braking you need. I am confident I made the best, safest choice and have been happily satisfied with my purchase."
- D Shields December, 2016

"A while back as we were traveling through Texas We had an incident happen to my wife and I where our SMI Air Force One saved us from an accident. While traveling on I 20 on rain soaked pavement, a semi tank truck passed us then immediately swung into our lane. As he abruptly changed lanes his trailer lost traction and started jack knifing everyone hit the brakes, the suv beside us moved over to the left, the semi was now taking up the shoulder, the right lane and half of the center lane, thanks to my wife’s skill (she was driving), our SMI Air Force One brake system on our towed vehicle, the other drivers that gave us room, and the grace of God, we were able to slow down enough to miss the semi trailer by no more than a foot, as we passed him. I truly believe that without the Air Force One System we would have been right in the middle of that tanker. Thank You SMI for developing the Air Force One System."
- G & L Loutzenhiser

"I also had a M&G braking system on my other pick up. I like the way Air Force One stops a lot better"
- Richard Eckhart 12/2/2016

"I just would like to commend SMI for caring enough to actually show it in your actions. Thank you for the copy of the Constitution & the CD. I absolutely love your product, and sincerely appreciate your faith in God and our Country! Thank You so much, God Bless You all..."
- Tommy 11/10/2016

"I had read about the Airforce One on a lot of forums and it received great reviews. We just pulled my 2011 Silverado 1500 to Oklahoma City and back this last weekend and it worked great. Your tech support was helpful and I think they solved why my recognition lights are staying on after I let up on the brakes."
- Tim 11/9/2016

"Since purchasing the SMI product and especially the wireless dash sensor, we find we can drive worry free knowing that the controller activates only when it is supposed to and I can always tell from the wireless dash sensor when and how the brakes are working. A good product so far which we are very happy with. Our friends have had one for the past 4 years and seem very happy with it as well."
- Neal Davies 11/8/2016

"We were gone in the RV for a 6 week trip and the brakes worked wonderfully. We can credit their performance in helping us avoid a 3 car crash that happened in front of us on the freeway in San Francisco. We were able to stop the motorhome and the tow car in time to avoid hitting any other vehicles because the brakes worked exactly as they should."
- Linda and Dennis M 10/29/2016

"We have been on the road since August -travelled from Virgina to Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, and now in the South. We sometimes were in over 9,000 elevations and often had up to 8% downgrades. We are so happy we invested in the SMI breaking system!"
- Wayne V 10/26/2016

"I purchased and installed a Stay and Play on my 2015 GMC Canyon, that I intended to tow with my new MH, back about April. I had to call you guys a couple of times to get a little help and each time I spoke with a person that actually listened and was knowledgeable of the product beside being extremely courteous. That does not happen often and it is such a pleasure to deal with a company like that. Many thanks."
- Joe Murray 9/24/2016

"I invested in the SMI DUO Stay-in-Play and had it installed by a local authorized service center. Over the course of a couple short trips under 100 miles I gradually fine tuned the adjustments to activate it when needed. I just finished a 500 mile trip and I have say that this system is great! After 3-4 years of sub-par performance I am finally comfortable with actually having the brakes applied on my dinghy when I'm stopping. The convenience of just plugging in the electric plug and not having to mess with a bulky unit is very convenient and frees up storage space when not being used."
- Rick O. 9/19/2016

"I appreciate the courteous and professional installation yesterday regarding the new and improved Marine Corps One brake is tougher, meaner, and better looking than those AKA Air Force One systems others purchase!  I especially appreciate the cool message from Peter Schuck and the Christian CD included in the box!  Thank you...... and of course...... Semper Fi!"
- Curtis King

"I did test the new unit and monitor, and everything works fine. I want to thank you and your company for the fantastic service and customer relations. I can see why your products are so highly thought of. "
- Ed Rinehart

"Thank you for your help. The unit has worked flawlessly for the first five thousand kilometers that we have put on since install."
- Bill Anderson, British Columbia

"We just returned from a trip of several months driving down Route 66 from Chicago to LA. What a blast. Every time we had to uncouple and turn around where the road ended or got too narrow to continue, I was thankful for your delightful braking system. One connector and I was done. No other braking system on the market comes close and I have now seen many others. I note the efforts others expend to connect and disconnect. With your system we can stop, uncouple and drive off in less than 3 minutes from opening the motorhome door."
- Jerry

"The Duo worked flawlessly during our 8,000 mile round trip to Arizona this past Winter. Thanks for making such a great product."
- Mark Herder, NH

"I just installed an Air Force One on my motor home and Honda Fit. The installation was a snap. Total installation time was four hours for the Fit and three for the coach. I didn’t have to buy any additional parts and the instructions were dead on. On the test drive the unit worked perfectly and noticeably improved braking. Thanks for your efforts in making the system so it can be installed by a novice."
- Houston Killgore, Tennessee

"I generally go to all the Newmar rallies to see what is new. I watched your sales and install teams install what seemed to be a large number of Air Force One systems at each rally. I made the leap and got on the list the first day. I am glad I did, you sold out by the end of the second day. Just wanted you to know how fantastic your system works. I can actually feel the brakes in my Hummer when I have to stop hard. I know that my stopping distance is far less now. Totally out of sight and "real" proportionate braking. Unbelievable!! Thanks again for a great system and a great install."
- Bill Smith, New Mexico

"I was truly amazed that all the necessary fittings and parts were inside the box my SMI system came in. I didn't even have to buy anything extra."
- Robert M., MN

"We had several 6% or greater very long grades. I would start to brake lightly to control speed and after a short while the brake would engage, seemingly at just the right time. As speed decreased, I would simply lift my foot momentarily and the unit would turn off until I needed it again. The ability to turn the unit off by releasing the brakes in the coach is really great. Superb!! I will tell all my friends!!"
- T.D., California

"We can state that it appears your auxiliary vacuum brake system... will provide appropriate braking effort to a towed vehicle when installed to your specifications."
- Ben Mikkelsen , Insurance Corporation, British Columbia

"My Air Force One is over two years old now. It still works as it did the day I bought it. My friends have sent their systems in for repairs countless times. Others have to make adjustments. Not me, plug in the air line and go. It has not changed at all. The salesman told me there never anything to adjust but you hear that all the time. This one is true!! Thanks for a great system."
- Willard Schwartz , Chino, CA

"I traded in my box brake at a show and had the DUO installed. It is amazing how much more efficient the system operates with the power brakes. With my box brake, I had the sensitivity set so it only came on in a panic. I was afraid of how hard and fast it slammed my brakes on. The DUO is gentle and comes on all by itself smooth and easy just at the right time and if that is not enough, the DUO lets go when it needs to, even if I am still slightly braking. Thanks for such a simple system."
- John Santos , Bloomington, IN

"After considering all the confusing systems on the market today, I selected the SMI system as the most logical, providing gentle, yet firm application of the toad brakes as needed."
- R. & G. W., FL

"When I purchased your system for self installation, I thought I could make improvements, but as I tried them, I came back to the basic system you sell, and I will not pull my Jeep without it.
- Steve A, Indiana

"I Purchased the brake system a few months ago and it works great. Thank you for a great product, should have bought one years ago."

"Just got back from a trip to Reno using your brake. I went over Mount Hood without smoking the brakes on my motorhome. Thanks again!"
- HS, Hood River, OR