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Wireless CoachLink System

CoachLink and transmitter

Wiress Notification - Redefined

The SMI Wireless CoachLink affords customers the feedback they want in the coach by simply plugging the receiver into the power port. The receiver provides positive “Brakes Applied” feedback delivering peace of mind and early indication of issues, such as a breakaway. The signal is sent to the coach using a powerful but small FCC approved transmitter that is easily installed out of the way in the towed vehicle. The kit is universal and transferable.

Wireless CoachLink™

The motorhomes of today are packed with a wide variety of useful electronics from GPS to satellite radio and everything in between. As helpful and convenient as such features are, they produce something known as electromagnetic interference (EMI). This has given wireless systems in the braking industry a bad reputation. SMI's Wireless CoachLink™ is a completely FCC compliant solution developed for and tested in motorhomes, not just a bench. As such, the integrity of the wireless signal is second to none. CoachLink™ displays braking effort in the towed vehicle, providing instant visual and audible feedback*.

SMI Wireless CoachLink Notificaiton System
  • Instant audible & visual feedback*
  • 12V auxiliary power
  • Powerful FCC-approved 900 MHz radio
  • 10 minute, one-time setup
  • 100% universal & transferable
  • Designed to compliment Air Force One & Stay-IN-Play DUO
  • Works with all brands

*Audible feedback tones after 7 seconds and is equipped with an On/Off switch

Introductory Price MSRP $249.95